Each year tens of millions of Americans suffer and die from lack of healthcare. Many more tens of millions suffer painful financial debt and bankruptcy. The rest are starting to feel the effects of higher premiums, copays and deductibles.

The economy itself is suffocating from wasted resources.

Obamacare is a well intended attempt to deal with this.  There is controversy whether it does more harm than good.  Obamacare bronze plans have deductibles that are so high that they are almost like no insurance at all. Add the uninsured to the bronze plan policyholders and the results are bleak.

With the Republicans in charge of the Senate and House and the Supreme Court about to judge on Obamacare, it is not likely the law will remain intact for long.

This isn’t happening in other advanced nations like Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. There is much very wrong with American healthcare and it is going to get worse.  The purpose of this website is to point out that American Healthcare doesn’t have to be this bad. Ignorance, political ideology and corruption are causing our healthcare nightmare.  We can save ourselves.


We spend almost twice per person on healthcare than Canada, Western Europe and Japan. They are as healthy as we are if not healthier and live longer. They cover all their citizens too. We are being robbed.

Healthcare per capita

Almost two out of every ten dollars spent today in the U.S. goes to healthcare.  In ten years we could be spending close to three dollars out of every ten dollars with probably half that being unnecessary.  The U.S. economy cannot afford this.  We will have rising premiums, copays and deductibles to ration healthcare only to those in the higher incomes.

In spite of the $3 trillion we spend on healthcare. Americans are hurting badly, as this pie chart shows how much debt collection efforts go into medical debt:

US debt collection

Medical debt  triggers more than 60% of bankruptcy filings in the U.S. according to a September Bankrate survey. For the full article on this tragic subject from Yahoo Finance click here (please bear with the well earned short commercial).

We must copy from the better systems of the world as soon as possible if our country is to have real affordable healthcare for all.  They do it. So can we.

Our democracy isn’t working. We have to make it work.



  • Leftie

    With healtcare costs being double what they have to be we need a discussion on what to do and how to go about it