Almost one out of every five dollars spent today in the U.S. goes to healthcare.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services projects a growth rate per year of 5.8% over the next ten years. This rate compounded doubles total spending to $6 trillion in only 12 years.

Healthcare spending won’t double.

More lower and middle income people will be rationed out.  Unaffordable premiums and high deductibles are already taking their toll with Obamacare and employer paid health insurance. This is only the beginning.

Our healthcare is draining our economy and causing ill effects far beyond healthcare itself.  While it has helped millions the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare has done little to deal with costs and has made it worse in many ways.  It is going to get worse as our “baby boom” generation ages and needs more care.

There is no such thing as free healthcare.

Those who have employers pay for their health insurance are really paying for it indirectly from their benefits package.  Insurance premiums cut what employers can pay in salary. See how.  Health care spending is choking income growth, consumer spending and jobs.  It is concentrating income and wealth into the healthcare corporations and their rich owners.

We spend almost twice per person on healthcare than Canada, Western Europe and Japan. They are as healthy as we are if not healthier and live longer. They have universal coverage. They care for all their citizens.

One of the major causes of our very expensive healthcare is the use of Healthcare Insurance Corporations (HICs). The chart below shows that the countries that don’t use HICs, Single payers, spend a lot less per person and get good results.  HICs are an unnecessary expensive burden.

Healthcare per capitaB&W

In spite of how much we spend on healthcare. Americans are hurting badly, as this pie chart shows how much debt collection efforts go into medical debt:

US debt collection

Medical debt  triggers more than 60% of bankruptcy filings in the U.S. according to a September Bankrate survey. For the full article on this tragic subject from Yahoo Finance click here.

We must copy from the better proven systems of the world as soon as possible.

Note: since this page was written in May of 2014, American healthcare has continued on the same track downward. Donald Trump and the Republican party have taken the White House and both houses of Congress. They cannot agree on how much worse to make the situation. Click here for the latest as of July 14, 2017 on the Trumpcare tragedy.

For more coverage on our healthcare mess visit:

  • With healtcare costs being double what they have to be we need a discussion on what to do and how to go about it

  • There really isn’t that much to discuss, Leftie. We have several different healthcare systems in the U.S. following different models. The best one is Medicare. It needs to be improved by adding converage for dental, eye, hearing care, mental health and extended to all. Other countries have studied systems around the world and selected medicare as a model.

  • Espn Poster

    So what is it about those other countries that you would want to copy? Just because you have a government that pays for everything does not make it better or cheapter. You cannot pay less than the ACTUAL cost to deliver healthcare, or the system will collapse…no matter who is paying for it.
    The difference between the U.S. and the other countries in your bar chart are this. Those countries do not have a McDonald’s, Jack-in-the-Box, or Wendy’s on every street corner. They don’t sell frozen/processed foods in thier grocery stores. They do not have 30% or more of their population who are obese. Obesity leads to hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes, which lead to a myriad of other health/medical problems including heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and more cancers. They also do not huge numbers in their population who smoke, leading to lung cancer and chronic bronchitis/emphysema/COPD. These are health problems that are treated and cost so much to treat in the hospitals, emergency rooms, and clinics.

    • As I have said over and over on the web site, step one is to get rid of the parasitic Healthcare Insurance companies that add 15-20% to our healthcare with their own admin and profits, but worst yet, far worse, is the added expense of the mountain of paperwork they create for hospitals and doctors due to their multiplicity of forms, rules and trying to weasel out of paying for things.

      None of the other advanced nations have them.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you that lifestyle and diet in America is a disaster. We are paying for it now and will pay much worse in the future.

      • Espn Poster

        That applies to CMS too…the closest thing that we have to a single payor system. Forms and rules created by federal bureaucrats that do nothing to improve healthcare but add mountains of time, expense, and inefficiency.

        • Baldie McEagle

          You plainly know zero about Medicare except what they taught you in Free Market Sunday School.

        • DJ Doug Madrid

          Those forms and rules are most often at the behest of Congress through legislation. Those bureaucrats have to write rules to carry out laws, especially laws that micromanage the process in goofy ways with the intention of disrupting the delivery of healthcare.

          • It’s pretty obvious that if you have ten insurance companies with handfuls of different plans you inevitably have ten sets of forms with more plan forms. Single payers have basically one set of forms. Very efficient.

      • desuhu61

        I literallly hate insurance companies, both health and others as well. They pick and choose what they will cover, they force you into high deductibles, so you are paying a premium and paying for most of your healthcare. The only they’re good for now is major catastrophies, i.e. cancer, heart surgery or in the case of property insurance, if your home burns down or is struck by a tornado. They’re all a bunch of greedy people.

    • Baldie McEagle

      Nonsense. Millions of non-Americans smoke, have always smoked, and will continue to smoke. Meanwhile, you are blowing smoke.

      ” You cannot pay less than the ACTUAL cost to deliver healthcare, or the system will collapse…no matter who is paying for it.”

      Who has proposed this? No one. The goal is simply to pay much less than we are paying—in other words, greater efficiency. Not just pretending everything is free, per your strawman.

      Unfortunately, as long as the insurance companies are treated like the geese that lay $ millions in political campaign golden eggs, the layer of waste they add to the system—doubling the cost of healthcare—the US will have the least efficient system in the world.

  • Over 55 Million on Medicare 10 Million on Affordable Care Act Millions more on Medicaid the direction is correct, we are limiting financial risks, yet more needs to be done. Keep promoting and spreading the word.

  • factswonthurtyou2

    Canadian here;
    The difference between our system and the American one, including Medicare, is the absence of the need for profit. I’ve read of Medicare Hospitals up charging Medicare.

    Because there is no need for profit by the Hospitals (they operate on a break even basis) rates for Hospital visits including Operations, Births etcetera are set by the respective Provincial governments.

    There are Doctors Unions (known as Associations) that set the rates for their work, hence no surprises to the HealthCare Plans on fees.

    Of course with no insurance company in the middle that whole concept is eliminated for the costs.

    And yes as many or more Canadians smoke, drink and eat unhealthy food as Americans but the key is set rates for all things Medical and no for profit aspect.

  • mike wazowski

    Nearly every insurance article I read mentions the aging babyboom population coming to a full head soon. Others further mention geriatrics often eat up over 1/3 of costs…..
    What if, hypothetically, the younger generation refused to morgage their best years paying to prolong the older generations twilight years?

    I ask only to stimulate thought, not start an age war…

    • There are going to be horrendous financial pressures as the boomers age. In twenty years they will all be 65+ with the oldest over 85. Our corrupt overpriced healthcare system is not going to be able handle this without massive suffering unless we reorganize along the lines mentioned in this web site.