Face shields are the way to go.

Wrap around face shield:  sides, top and bottom



Face masks are promoted by the media while face shields are hardly mentioned. Yet face shields are far superior to face masks. Here is a breakdown of how the two types of face coverings match up:


Face Shields

Face Masks

Protection for the eyes from infected breath



Inhaling someone’s direct breath


Minor to no blocking

Wearer’s Exhaled breath

Blocked and scattered mostly to back of wearer

Travels 1-3 ft forward

Keeping hands off eyes, nose and mouth


No blocking and encourages touching with adjustments.


Good, but varies with design

Often annoying, uncomfortable and harmful to some


Cleanable with soap and water

Cloth must be washed. Paper should be disposed after use.

In clouds of viruses

Almost no protection

No protection

For an in depth explanation of the categories and more click here.

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