Hospitals are a big part of our developing healthcare disaster.  Over half our health care expenditures go to hospitals. No other industry is as crazy as our hospitals.  Hospitals are price anarchy as this article shows.

Hospital chains often buy out the competition. They can then become area monopolies where they can set prices with no fear of competition. The big difference between for-profit and too many non-profits is how the booty is distributed. For-profits pay CEOs and managers high salaries and bonuses with the rest going to the owners. Non-profits pay CEOs and managers outrageous salaries and bonuses. If this wasn’t so then why are there non-profit chains for area monopolies?  Who would want to have a lot of break even businesses?

Hospitals are also killers as this Scientific American article shows. They often have lax standards for transmission of infections and errors of all kinds. Deaths through errors and negligence can be covered up. The death and injury toll is staggering. When hospitals make mistakes, they make more money working on them!  The CEOs and managers are not prosecuted for deaths and injuries. We need federal safety standards and criminal liability.

The big healthcare corporations run our healthcare through campaign contributions and lobbyists.   Americans have to get involved in the political parties for selection of candidates who don’t take campaign contributions or can prove they aren’t influenced by them. We must vote in primaries and show up for the general elections. Observe how the NRA with only about 4 million members can get governments from 330 million Americans to do what they want them to.

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