In spite of that fact that Western Europe, Canada and Japan have varying forms of single payer healthcare systems with minimal or no health insurance companies that cover everyone at half the cost per person, we got the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”.

We could have had a “Medicare for all“ or even a “public option“ competing with the big healthcare insurance companies. We could have had price controls on drugs or government volume discount bargaining power. Instead, political corruption and lobbyists basically wrote Obamacare.

The liberal media claims that Obamacare is “working”. They are right. It is working for the big corporations. The healthcare insurance companies are making big profits and it is guaranteed to them. The pharmaceutical companies continue to gouge the public and government. The recent $84,000 per drug treatment for Sovaldi for Hepatitis C is a new addition to the price gouge list. This has put awesome cost pressure on healthcare both private and government. They cannot afford to give this to all hepititas C patients.

Health insurance is “affordable” through subsidies that are paid for with money we don’t have. We just issue more bonds and add it to the national debt.

We still have 14% uninsured with more being pushed into high deductible plans that are useless if the policyholders can’t self pay or avoid self pay under the deductible. More costly treatment is not available if the policyholder can’t make the deductible up front first. High deductible policies should be added to the uninsured to get a more accurate picture of how bad things are.

How did this all happen? If you haven’t already seen it, PBS/WEDU FRONTLINE did a one hour documentary a few years ago on how President Obama and the Democrats let the big health insurance and drug companies put together the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Here’s how we got the “half a loaf“. 

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