A couple of months ago, I became aware of something with the VA that is at best incompetence and very possibly corruption. I have three drugs. The VA automatically labels over drugs with VA prescription information and a “discard after” date on the label.  I learned from a VA pharmacist that this date is arbitrarily one year after the prescription is written. The manufacturer’s expiration date is a lot later.

I almost threw out $1800 (list price) of Apriso that was still good. Refilling this would have cost the VA near that to refill for no reason. Here are what I have found from my VA drugs:

Drug   Drug Co Expiration  VA discard   Differrence

Zovirax         Apr 14        Nov 27 12      16 months early
Apriso           12/14          Feb 05 14      10 months early
Perrigo          01/17         12/15              18 months early

On some of these the VA labels are hard to peal off. This has to run up the VA’s drug bill. This must be stopped to save probably millions of dollars yearly.

I have contacted members of the Senate and House Veteran’s Affairs Committees about this. Hopefully they will do something.

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