Drug addiction is an illness and should not be a crime. It is better to hospitalize and treat victims than spend huge amounts of money policing them and putting them in jails. When or if released from prison they are probably ruined for life with the jail record for being ill. This puts pressure on their behavior that will put them back in prison. The U.S. has more prisons than any other country in the world.  A cause for real shame.

If a drug addict or alcoholic commits a crime they should be imprisoned for the crime itself and removed as a threat to society. If their only “crime” is addiction then they should be treated not imprisoned.

It is a tragedy for medical marijuana to be illegal. There is much proof that it helps many illnesses. If the big drug companies could get a monopoly on medical marijuana and gouge the public with outrageous prices, it would probably be legal now.

There is substantial evidence that Marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol to the general public. It’s use probably does less bodily harm than cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol. All three should be legal and taxed. All three should be discouraged. Prohibition of marijuana should be removed as we did with prohibition of alcohol. This is both humanitarian and good economics.

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