Donald Trump and drug prices

Donald Trump said he will cut $300 billion a year from our national drug spending. Given we spend somewhere between $300 and $400 billion per year on drugs, that’s quite a savings! Drugs might become “free stuff” with the Donald President!  All we have to do is turn drug pricing over to the Republican pagan god, “the free market”.

He can’t get his facts straight. Nor does he understand how our Corporatocracy works. Campaign contributions and speaker fees rule over reason, the will of the people and even ideology.

In 2003 the Republicans forced Medicare to pay the full outrageous monopoly prices for drugs, no volume discounts like the VA gets. The Republicans sold out their “free market” pagan god to the money donors from the drug industry for monopolies. Many Democrats joined them.

The Democrats sold out in Obamacare. Nothing much was done about drug prices.  Drug prices continue their march upward into the wild blue yonder. Some generics have gone up in thousands of a percent. 

Corporations run our government so much so that we are one of only two countries (New Zealand being the other) that allow advertising of drugs. This creates demand for monopoly priced name brand drugs and newer similar drugs. These usually aren’t much or any better than generics. It also stimulates demand for drugs for illnesses that may not exist like high cholesterol and low testosterone.  There is no “free market” when only one side is promoted through advertising.

Our Corporatocracy has one golden rule: Whoever has the gold rules.

At present growth rates (about 5-6% per year), our healthcare spending will double in about 10 years. We are in very serious trouble. The Donald will save us with “something really great” (details please) that will include making drugs free or almost free. 

For a deeper analysis of the Donald and drug price reform that inspired this blog, click here.

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