Every time there is an airliner crash or a mass shooting, it is on television for a week or more. Hundreds of thousands die quietly every year in hospitals from medical errors and hospital infections. The media rarely even mentions them. The numbers are even worse when you consider that not everyone dies from errors and infections.  They just suffer through it.  Worse yet, when hospitals do a botch job they can make money on it unless they are sued! They bill the insurance companies and we pay for it in insurance premiums!

To be fair, all these sufferings and deaths are about 1-2% of all who go through hospitals. There is a huge difference between the best and the worst hospitals. The same goes with their prices.

We need federal safety standards and price guidelines. We could learn a lot by studying the better healthcare systems around the world. Why don’t we?

First, our government is corrupted by campaign contributions to both parties so politicians avoid the issue. Second, Republicans are ideologically opposed to government regulations in spite of their success in areas like airline safety. Imagine if 1-2% of airline flights crashed. That’s 10-20 crashes per 1000 flights.  We do 5 to 10 times that every day around the world. How many would fly? Third, Republicans also believe that the “free market” will take care of the problem. But it is the cause of the problem. Fourth, these are not very exciting facts.  It is so much more interesting to look at pieces of airliners after they crash so TV skips the death rate in hospitals for more interesting stuff.

We have to recapture our government from the big corporations and their campaign contributions. We have to learn the facts by reading about them (like this web site and its links). But knowledge alone won’t do anything. We have to get involved in political parties all the time.  By the time elections come, all the campaign contributions and back room deals are done. Voting is important especially in primaries, but there is so much more involved.

If you or a loved one should have to go to a hospital and it will happen someday, keep this excellent article for reference.

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