The Supreme Court victory for Obamacare cannot stop the reality.  The bad news continues.

  • Premiums are taking off. The Affordable Care Act is becoming unaffordable. Here’s the latest on 2016 premiums.

  • Government guarantees for insurance company profits will expire soon and that will fuel more rate increases beyond 2016.

  • The insurance companies will continue to soak up and cause $300-450 billion per year in profits, advertising, and paperwork waste every year.

  • The 40% “Cadillac tax” on very high quality employer provided health insurance is still coming in 2018.

  • The fine for not having insurance will jump to approximately $500 in 2016 on 2015 tax forms.

Aetna is planning to buy out Humana. In a way this could eventually end out a corporate single payer with one big corporation controlling the entire market. This could be very positive if they have only one set of rules and forms. It would save hundreds of billions of dollars in paperwork.

This would give the conservatives their “private” healthcare payment system. The progressives would have a single payer. Would everyone reach across the isles and override antitrust laws? The government could regulate it like a utility. Or it could be like Big Pharma and tell the government what it wants to do.  I’d bet on the latter.

Bernie Sanders continues to promote Medicare-for-all and more are rallying around him.

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