The Office of the Actuary in the Health and Human Services Department sees health care spending increasing at roughly 6 percent a year by 2019. They see the higher rate of increase from the recent 4% as “relatively modest”.

Maybe modest compared to much earlier decades, but a 50% increase in the rate is not good.  At 6 percent compounded healthcare will DOUBLE in 12 years. We are hurting now. Can you imagine doubling the burden in the not too distant future?

This report may be too optimistic. The aging baby boomer generation is the unhealthiest aging generation yet. Obesity and it’s higher rates of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and more will probably throw projections off for the worst.

The generations behind the boomers are worse. They have grown up on massive amounts of sugar and other sweeteners. Their diet is mostly refined carbohydrates instead of fruits and vegetables. They spend their days sitting in front of TV, computers and games instead of moving around. “Adult onset diabetes” no longer shows up in midlife. We have it appearing under ten and older. Imagine what that alone will add to future healthcare.

The media doesn’t see what is happening or doesn’t want anyone to know. There are headlines that California’s Obamacare insurance premiums are being held to 4% in 2016. Not to worry. But the truth is the deductibles are being raised 30%. There are monster requests for premium increases as high as 50% around the country for 2016.

Bernie Sanders is the only Presidential candidate proposing to put a dent into our healthcare nightmare with Medicare-for-all. The other Democrats have proposed nothing but sticking to the failing Obamacare with its future employer mandate, higher penalties and the “cadillac tax”. This will probably cost them dearly in 2016.

The Republicans only want to repeal Obamacare and offer nothing close to a solution to our healthcare doom. They want to ration it to whoever can afford it. Eventually, half the U.S. will have no insurance or very high deductibles they can’t or won’t use. The public doesn’t realize this and a majority may vote Republican.

Americans have to become better informed (the purpose of this web site) and work the political parties from the ground up. Party participation all year round; primary voting and general election voting are a must to fight the healthcare corruption of the big corporations that is gouging us.

We must also improve our diet and do much more physical activity.  The less healthcare we need the better.

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