Rand Paul and Single Payer ignorance

Rand Paul has caused a stir by deciding to have a Hernia operation in a hospital in Canada. He says the hospital is private and not part of any system. He is ignorant of the facts. All hospitals in Canada are private. This one like all the others is part of the Single Payer system. That is, doctors and hospitals are only funded by the provincial governments’ insurance programs.

This is unlike the UK, where the government owns and operates the hospitals and employs the doctors for true socialized medicine. In Canada, doctors and hospitals are independent.

The Republican opponents use the same fake facts to argue against Single Payer for the U.S. They find one shortcoming in one Canadian Province and they use it to argue that not only is all of Canada’s system no good, but also that of France, Italy, and Japan. If Canada’s Single Payer system is so bad, how can such an outstanding hospital thrive in it?