Ron Anthony

Our healthcare is really a moneycare or profitcare system. It is driven primarily for the making of money and corporate profit.

We spend twice what the Japanese spend per person for healthcare and close to twice what they spend in Europe. Yet, these nations are as healthy as we are or healthier and they insure everyone.  This shows that about half the money we spend on healthcare gets nothing for it.

We spend $3 trillion yearly on Healthcare. This means we lose $1½ trillion yearly or 9% of GDP to waste, profit and corruption.  This is one out of every ten dollars spent in the U.S. yearly This hurts everybody. (Please be sure to read: How Healthcare is killing our economy). Healthcare costs are still rising sharply with and outside of Obamacare.

Our healthcare system has become a bottomless money pit. Nobody has plans or hopes for even the growth rate slowing much. The worst is still coming. Here are the three reasons for this website and blog.

There is more than enough information about what is wrong with our healthcare and how to fix it. There are books, studies and reports to read. Other countries like Canada, Japan and Western Europe have better cost effective healthcare. This blog/website will summarize and report on this for you so we can ask our politicans: “Why Not?”.

We can shrink healthcare costs further by preventing illness in the first place. Lifestyle prevention of illness or healing naturally makes little money so it isn’t a major part of our profitcare system.

Reorganize healthcare will show how real lifestyle prevention can help cut what we are spending today to below half! Think of what you could do with that money! Think of what that would do for our economy! Imagine how much better you will feel! Too good to be true? Follow this blog.

There are many old and potential new ways for the treatment of illnesses that have been crowded out by our profitcare system. Just one example is the mind body relationship. There is a placebo effect. Can the mind eventually eliminate or cure many illnesses? There are a lot of exciting possibilities in the outer frontiers.

The majority of our politicians from both parties are primarily concerned with being re-elected and elected to higher office. They are heavily influenced (bought off ?) by big corporations through campaign contributions and lobbyists.

As a result we have:
1. Outrageous drug prices that are by far the highest in the world and the little known fact that hundreds of thousands die from adverse drug reactions even when taken properly.
2. Expensive health insurance companies that other nations like Canada, the UK, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Finland do a very good job without.
3. Our hospitals kill tens of thousands through errors and neglect yearly. They form local monopolies and their prices are high and chaotic.
4. There is little government regulation.

We must mobilize through public organizations and the ballot box. We must throw out the politicians more concerned with their reelection, campaign contributors and their lobbyists than us. Then we must copy from the proven healthcare systems in Canada, Japan and Western Europe.

We don’t have the big money the big corporations have for advertising, campaign contributions and lobbyists. We do have the ability to speak to each other and use email, Facebook, Twitter etc. about things that will be on this site and in discussions. We can organize boycotts that will break the irresponsibility and greed of many corporate Goliaths. We can unite, form our own citizens’ lobbies, and vote to recapture our government..

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