Misinformation, falsehoods and outright lies are abundant in our health care discussions in the media. Call them what you like.

One of these often repeated is that Obamacare dropped the rate of growth in healthcare spending. The following chart shows how false that is, but you hear it all over the liberal media anyway. 

Healthcare gowth rates

The chart clearly shows that Obamacare helped to stop the decline and not cause it.

The latest projections (August, 2015) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are for the growth rate of healthcare spending to accelerate to 6% per year.  At that rate, healthcare spending will DOUBLE IN 12 YEARS. This is like a forest fire out of control.

Another misinformation is how much Obamacare improved insurance coverage. The uninsured rate dropped from about 19% to 13% for a whopping 6% drop. (A program like Medicare-for-all would have dropped the uninsured rate from 19% to zero.  Republicans would have done nothing.)

There is a credibility problem with the drop from 19% to 13% uninsured.  For the same three years of Obamacare, Gallup’s ongoing “well-being index” survey,  showed the percentage of respondents who say they “cannot afford care” fell only 2.6% from 20.4 percent to 17.8 percent. This shows that having high deductible insurance is still unaffordable for nearly half the 6% of the newly insured.

To be fair to Obamacare, some of its failure to cover more with insurance was due to the Supreme Court decision allowing states to decline expansion of Medicaid. And the Republican states did just that no matter how many suffered or died.

Keeping Obamacare is a very expensive way to cover a few million, while failing to arrest the unaffordable growth rate in healthcare spending. Repealing it will slow it down by increasing the uninsured who will get sicker and die from lack of care.

Republicans still insist that single payer healthcare is government control (it’s only a method of payment) that cannot work. This, in spite of the fact, that single payer healthcares like Canada, the UK (Single payer and successful socialized medicine), France, Italy and Japan have been caring for everyone for half the cost per person for decades.

If reason doesn’t gain traction for Medicare-for-all in the U.S. soon, then the 6% growth rate(if it stays that low) will push us towards doubling in 12 years. This will not happen. More people will be rationed out of health care than ever before with unaffordable insurance premiums(even with subsidies if they continue), higher deductibles and copays.

We have to sort out fact from fiction about Obamacare and in Republican ideology to solve the impending national disaster.

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