The Same Old Story 19th place

This web site has not been active for a few years because the U.S. is victim to the ideology of the Republican party that single payers are government control even “socialism”. This is wrong. The government only acts as the insurer in place of numerous insurance companies.

The insurance industry makes campaign contributions to both parties to keep their present system.

About half of Americans have some kind of employer based insurance. While this is deteriorating with less employers paying for it or making employees pay for part of it or higher deductibles, they fear change that could be worse.

With both parties in near political civil war that is in stalemate, nothing is happening to stop the steady march of higher and higher healthcare costs heading for over 20% of GDP. Depletion of the Medicare Trust fund is just over the horizon.

A recent study reported by US News and World Report showed the US finished 19th in the world for healthcare quality. Healthcare is costing more and way behind the more advanced countries.

It should be pointed out that a Single Payer system will eliminate the paperwork caused by so many insurance companies having different rules and forms and profits. This would at best cut 15-20% from the US healthcare bill. Drug company price gouging and other profit maximizing machinery have to be brought under control.