The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services predicts healthcare spending will increase at 5.8% per year. That compounds to double in only 12 years. Even if everything advocated on this site is miraculously carried out, we will still be in trouble. The American Diet has deteriorated in the last 50-100 years. We have the sickest generations ever with record amounts of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

We can and must prevent illness. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Americans must break their bad habits if we are going to escape the healthcare abyss .

There are tons of books about dieting, but the scales show America is getting fatter and fatter anyway. And the illnesses that go with it are spreading. Type 2 diabetes used to be called “Adult onset diabetes”. No more. Kids under 10 are now getting it. Their futures are ominous for them and our healthcare system. As all the age groups get older, it can only get worse.

Why are people getting fatter? What has changed in the last 50-100 years? Some of the obvious are cars, and more driving with less walking. TVs and computers keep butts pinned to chairs and sofas.

There has been a major shift in diet to more refined carbohydrates and less natural carbohydrates.

Natural carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables. Less that 10-20% of Americans eat them much anymore.

Refined carbohydrates are foods that may start out healthy, but have the good stuff refined out or bad stuff added to create pseudo or “junk” food.

What are refined Carbohydrates?

A good rule of thumb is just about anything that is white or off white and not a fruit or vegetable  is a refined carbohydrate. They are usually laced with sweeteners and/or salt. Eating these is eating away our future. No healthcare system in the world however good can deal with the illnesses of bad diet and lack of physical movement. Here are some of the culprits. You know how popular these are:

white bread and rolls
bagels and donuts (the only good in these is the hole in the middle)
pizza crust
soda and sweetened fruit juices (any kind of sweetener)

There are serious problems with refined carbs.

First, they have little nutritional value. So when your body’s trillions of cells call for nourishment and make you hungry, you take in calories only and deny those poor cells real nutrition. This only makes you hungry again soon and eating more refined carbs. This cycle goes on and on in the Standard American Diet (SAD). And the calories come marching in to be stored as fat.

Second, those refined carbs are quickly absorbed into your blood. This spikes blood sugar levels and overworks the pancreas producing insulin for cell absorption. This makes you fat. Eventually, the cells become more insulin resistant. The pancreas is overwhelmed and the blood sugar levels become chronically high. This is Type 2 diabetes.

All the realistic diet plans have avoidance of refined carbohydrates. The healthiest cultures in the world ( like the Okinawan and Mediterranean) eat little of them.

Americans must go back to fruits for their sweets. We have been brainwashed from childhood by TV advertising to eat the man made super profitable sugary sweets.

We must also unlearn the big fat lie that fats make you fat. Of course, if you eat way too much they will, but they are important as energy and fat soluble vitamin absorption. This slows down getting hungry again.

Not all fats are equal. There are junk fats too. Olive oil and coconut oil are by far the best. There is controversy over Canola oil. All the rest are best avoided.

I was inspired to write this article by a smart reader, Mary B. She is a veteran at breaking bad American eating habits. She lost 60 lbs! Let Mary lead the way. Her story is in her article on her website.

DISCLAIMER: This article is not medical advice.It is a general guide to lose weight and eat a better diet.

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