This is taken from a petition on Not only do Healthcare Insurance Companies add an unnecessary wasteful 15-20% to our healthcare costs, but their mindless profit seeking leads to trying to weasel out of paying for claims.

Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel, a Canadian mother, gave birth to her baby nine weeks prematurely while vacationing in the U.S. Her baby is now healthy, but she had to spend two months in hospital which led to over $1 million in hospital bills. Jennifer had travel insurance with Blue Cross Saskatchewan, and also visited her family doctor prior to going on her trip to make sure she was fit to travel. She and her husband were upfront about their medical history when purchasing the insurance, answering all the questions Blue Cross asked. But Blue Cross now claims that, because Jennifer had a bladder infection prior to embarking on her trip, this is a “pre-existing condition,” and they are refusing to pay her medical bills.

In the US, insurance companies aren’t allowed to deny coverage to citizens based on pre-existing conditions, in part to prevent unfair situations just like this. But Jennifer is Canadian, and Blue Cross Saskatchewan is trying to get out of covering her health care costs she thought she was entitled to, and stick her with a bill for over $ 1 million (CDN).

Canada has a good healthcare system that has basically no health insurance companies. They cover everyone not like the U.S. where 15% have no insurance at all and about another 15% have high deductibles up to $12,000 for a family of four. If they can’t make the deductible up front they also have no insurance at all.

This story also shows how out of control American hospitals are.

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