You pay too much for your healthcare insurance no matter who “pays” for it

There is considerable criticism that Medicare for all will be too expensive. It would cost less to divert the money going to the high cost healthcare insurance companies directly to Medicare.

The HICs add the following that cost us $300-450 billion every year:

  • Sales forces and advertising for different levels of rationing.

  • Profit: Single payers like the original medicare are non profit.

  • CEO bonuses and high management salaries. Civil servants make far less.

  • Hospitals and doctors are burdened with 10-20 sets or more of insurance forms and rules. Single payers have only one set of forms and rules. The savings are obvious.

All of this makes healthcare far more expensive than it has to be. This causes rationing. Lower income people have no health insurance or are forced into high deductible Obamacare bronze plans. They may not be able to use these plans with their deductibles of $6,000 for an individual and $12,000 for a family of four.  Users of Bronze plans can be burdened with lifelong debt or bankruptcy if they can use them at all.  Worst yet we are paying for the Obamacare subsidies with borrowed money.  Money we don’t have.

If your employer provides corporate health insurance, You actually pay for it out of your benefits package paid to you by your employer. This package basically is:

  • vacation,

  • healthcare insurance

  • salary.

Your salary is net cash after vacation and paying the insurance premiums. If this were a perfect world and there was no healthcare insurance expenditure needed, your employer could pay you a higher salary. The more healthcare insurance soaks up; the less your employer can pay you. If your employer “pays” for your healthcare insurance, you are paying for it indirectly. It’s not free.  One of the main reasons the American middle class is struggling is because healthcare insurance is draining salaries before the paycheck is printed.

If we remove the “T” word “taxes“ and substitute “premiums” for Medicare, we can see it all in a better light. Your employer can pay the corporate healthcare premiums or the Medicare premiums the same way before the paycheck is printed.  You will pay for either from your benefits package from your employer. Medicare premiums will cost you less by removing the costly items for HICs mentioned above. All the single payer countries have benefited from this for decades. It is proven to work.

Employers would probably like the Medicare premiums better too. They would not have to waste any time bargaining with HICs over the price of coverage rationing.

Doctors would get the equivalent of a large reimbursement increase with the money saved on staff, paperwork and aggravation from the HIC’s.

The added costs for the menagerie of HIC’s has been estimated to be about half the 30% we spend on admin in our healthcare. This is the worst in the world.  Medicare-for-all would cut this 15% off the $3 trillion that we spend on healthcare annually. This comes to $450 billion yearly.  With this savings, we could cut the Medicare deductible or eliminate it and cover everyone. Just like they have been doing in the single payer nations for decades.

You’ll never need to worry about your healthcare coverage, or the coverage of your parents, your children or grandchildren. Your health and theirs will benefit from removing the anxiety caused by our overpriced and rationed healthcare.

Countries using single payer similar to Medicare:
the UK
U.S. Original Medicare

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